Friday, September 16, 2011

CSI - Illinois

Today was my morning to volunteer in Sara's morning preschool classroom.

Oh em geeeeeee...I love these kids already. Some of them I know already because they were in the same class as Sara last year. This year, the curriculum seems more educationally structured than last year, but that could also be because I'm paying more attention.

When you volunteer, you help the teacher with a variety of classroom activities. Today we talked about the importance of handwashing. I got to read the kids a story about germs and how not to spread them (verrrry important) including the correct way to wash your hands.

The activity I was in charge of was demonstrating this. So we got to use 'fake' germs (which was a lotion like substance that you rub all over your hands), then wash our hands, then use a special black light to see how well we did.

I don't know who loved it more...the kids or me. I have often made snarky comments about the CSI shows (especially Vegas and Miami) because in cities full of bright sunlight the majority of the year, those technicians are walking around in the dark with their black light flashlights finding all kinds of crime solving clues. Turn on the light or open the curtains and I betcha find more. Just sayin'....

So even though all the kids had to wash their hands more than once because of missed fake germ removal, we had so much fun. You know what was also fun? Seeing what else that little black light would pick up in a dark room.

So, technically, I owe CSI Miami and Vegas a bit of an apology for my black light doubting. Horatio and Catherine, I'm sorry. I stand corrected.  But watch out because today I taught 14 preschoolers some pretty awesome evidence removal hand washing techniques.

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