Friday, September 30, 2011

Technological fail

Oh the mighty have fallen.

The mighty, in case you weren't sure, is me.

Today, I dropped Tucker off at school and headed for the gym all pumped and movitated to have a great workout with lots of sweating and silent, internal swearing. I have no idea why swearing at the poor, innocent cardio equipment makes me work out better, but it does. It's a little sick, I know. But I used to say all sorts of hateful things to Jillian "don't phone it in" Michaels and Gilad when I did their workout tapes.

But I'm getting off topic. Again.

So I hop up on the elliptical, all self motivated and ready to go and start elliptical-ing to nowhere. Since they changed out the gym equipment in August, I swear it feels more difficult.  My iPod completes the first song on my playlist....and then plays it again.

Darn you, auto repeat! I pick up my iPod and look at it. The little symbol for repeating is nowhere to be seen. You know what this means, right? It means that my four year old knows more about how to work my iPod than I do.

Frankly, that's just embarrassing. Especially since I used to work in IT/IS. Hahaaahaaa I used to work in 'it is"....anyone else laughing at that? No? Okay then..moving on.....

So, I'm so distracted by trying to figure out how to undo the auto repeat that I cut my speed in half on the elliptical. Seven minutes later, I still don't have it figured out even though I turned it off and back on, which was pretty much the fix for everything when I worked in IT.


I decide to get off the elliptical since I am apparently incapable of messing with an iPod, spinning my feet in a circle, and keeping my balance all at once. The poor lady beside me looked awfully worried that I was going to fall and take her out.

Onto the treadmill then.

Ugh. It's hot over here. I'm walking at a pokey pace (2.5 mph) trying to figure this out. After another 20 minutes, I give up. Fine. I admit temporary defeat. When I go home I am going to look up the solution online. And somehow I manage to clear one of my playlists completely. I hope it returns when I re-sync.

I decide to do crunches. I manage to do around 200 while obsessing about technology and how completely hopeless I've become. So tomorrow when it hurts to move or breathe, I'll have something to distract me in case I can't fix the auto repeat.

After more sit-ups and some stretching, I head home. I immediately look up how "iPod stuck on auto repeat".

Awesome! Yahoo answers has the solution...located in the iPod guide I should have around here somewhere on page 27.


All I had to do was tap the album cover to make the repeat symbol re-appear!?!?!?!?

For the love of Pete. SMH!

Technology - 2,345.....Brooke.... 3


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