Saturday, September 10, 2011

Romeo, Romeo...

Confession: When Tucker was really little, I thought it would be hilarious - simply hilarious - to teach him how to say "How yooooouuuuuu doin'" just like Joey Tribbiani.

Then, of course, it turned out he had a pretty significant speech delay. And I probably didn't think about Joey Tribbiani or his pickup lines for a couple years.

Last night, I was tucking him into bed and he said, "Hey Mom....guess what I can do?"

Me: Ummmmmm....I'm a little afraid to know.
T: No really, guess.
Me: I have no idea. Just go ahead and tell me.
T: ::finger guns with a wink and the finger gun noise::

Me: ::laughing:: Oh my! That's really....something.
T: Yeah, I know!
Me: Did you do that at school today?
T: Yeah (said like well, duh, yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh)
Me: To whom?
T: What's toom?
Me: What?
T: You said toom.
Me: No, I said to whom. Meaning, who did you ::finger guns with sound effects::
T: (with a huge grin) all the pretty girls.
Me: ::giggling::  You did?
T: Yeah ::giggles::
Me: What about the girls that weren't pretty?
T: No, they're alllllllllllllllll pretty.
Me: Tucker, you are going to be trouble...
T: I'm in trouble?
Me: No, honey. You are going to break some hearts.
T: I won't break them Mom. I'll be really, really gentle.

Parents - lock up your daughters!

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laura said...

awwwww sweet tucker! he really is going to be a heart breaker (even if he doesn't intend to!) miss you guys so much!