Monday, September 12, 2011

Holding myself accountable

It's time to get serious about taking the rest of this weight off. The last few months I've really been eating more and working out less, no thanks to the row of deliciousness in the commissary that consists of bags and bags and bags of Halloween candy. They've been out since right around the 4th of July. If there's no line, I can just zip past it, blinders on. If there's a line, it's a bit more difficult. Especially with those $1.00 off coupons plastered everywhere. 

Sigh..... About a week and a half ago I hopped onto the scale at the Y and was amazed that my weight was about five pounds less than I expected. So I continued eating like a teenager left alone in a convenience store for about a week. Last Friday, I weighed myself before I got in the shower. I was 10 pounds heavier than I had been the previous Friday, which puts me well above my comfort range. After being fairly careful this weekend, I had yet to lose a pound as of this morning. That's not a good sign, usually that first five pounds comes off fairly easily and then things slow way down. 

I am unwilling to backslide any further than I already have. Not minding about five pounds turns into not minding about 10 pounds which turns into gaining back all the weight that I've worked SO hard to get off. And even worse than that, I feel like a giant blob. My cardio workouts have been getting more and more feeble. Last week, even though I went to the Y fairly regularly, I felt like I was plodding through quicksand. And I haven't been to a Zumba class in over a month, I think. I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel, in the way my clothes fit, in my general attitude. 

This is not the life I want. Nor is it the example I want to set for the kids. 

So! Starting today - no more excuses. I hauled my out of shape, jiggly ass to Zumba, started back on my healthy eating plan with the mindset of one day at a time. If that proves too difficult, I'll focus on one mealtime at a time.  After school today, I insisted that the kids play outside even though it was back in the 90's. Worst case scenario, maybe the rays of the sun will melt some of the fat off my upper arms or thighs.  

I don't want my kids to be without their Mom when they graduate from high school or college, get married, have babies. I owe them and myself more than that. I owe myself more than that. 

So Mondays are going to be my diet and exercise posts. A blog I used to read dubbed Mondays as McFatty Mondays. heh. I think I'm going with Motivating Mondays. And starting next week, I'll be snapping a picture of myself every week and posting it online to track my progress. Why am I not starting with the pictures today? Because I've spent all day either working out, running around, or chasing kids around outside and I'm too dang tired to find the camera. Sad, but completely honest. I feel certain by next Monday I will feel much better without all the preservative, sugar, fat, and salt laden food bogging down my system. I'm giving myself one year to lose the rest of the weight - around 70 more pounds. Maybe 80.  Join me on my journey, won't you? Should be entertaining at the very least. 

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