Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home visiting

I say home visiting because Robert was only here for the weekend. Not. Long. Enough.  But way, way better than nothing.

He and I have been talking about this since before he left for deployment. We got lucky enough that it worked out and he came home on Friday night and I'll be leaving to take him to the airport right after Zumba today. Before you get all "WHAT! You're going to Zumba when your husband is only in town for a couple of days?!!?" let me just tell you that 1) he likes to watch me Zumba (heh heh heh) and 2) we are both changing our lifestyles to be more healthy overall, so yes. Workouts were included this weekend.

So my plan was to get to the airport early and tell the kids we were getting a package. We'd wait by baggage claim for his flight and I could get a great position with my camera to capture the reunion. Robert would come in, tears and joy, and we'd be one big happy family for the weekend.

Well that's not exactly what happened.

We left on time. Just past Fairview Heights, traffic was backing up on 64. I had seen signs that 64 was going to be under construction starting April 2 and to expect long delays, but Friday was March 30 so we should have been good.

Except that the department of transportation decided at some point to close down 64 in both directions at 9 pm on Friday and I had no idea. What time was it that we were trying to get to the airport? We left the house at 8:10.


It took us almost an hour to go two miles. Did I mention I was really low on gas because it's so much cheaper in St. Louis? Yep.

That's what you call asking for trouble.

And the kids, because they had no idea what was really going on, were tired and cranky and over it.

So the vehicular environment was slightly less than hospitable.


Luckily Robert had his phone with him and while I was sitting at a dead stop on the highway, I was able to text him that I was stuck in traffic and was going to be late. His reply? Ok, battery dying.


We found a detour, stopped just outside of Crackville to get some gas, managed not to get car jacked, and finally got to the airport.

By this point Robert found an outlet and had plugged his cell phone in to charge so at least he and I could communicate (no, not while I was driving) without giving away the surprise to the kids.

We walked into the airport, went to baggage claim, I get my camera ready (luckily I'm always taking pictures so the kids don't even give it a second thought any more), and I hear Robert call our names.

So I only got pictures from the back, but you know what? I could care less. The emotions are all over the photos. As you can see here:


Samantha said...

Awesome! I especially love that 3rd picture. Precious. That one should be framed.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Thank you!