Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

Oh, but I had an excellent plan for today. And nothing worked out like I expected it to. Nothing went horribly wrong but nothing went horribly right either.

My topper on the "I wish this weren't the case' list today? Freaking Chick Fil A. Last year for teacher appreciation week, I was able to get Chick Fil A to donate some chicken salad sandwiches and give us a discount on the nugget trays we bought. Everyone I dealt with was extremely professional and courteous, which I've come to expect from Chick Fil A. They even offered to deliver the food to us, but I felt more comfortable going to pick it up since we needed it so early.

I was fairly confident that they'd help us out this year too. So I was really surprised when they finally called me back today and told me that they wouldn't offer me any sort of deal - no comped chicken salad trays and not even a discount on the trays we wanted to purchase. Man. That bites. Especially since last year, that was the hit of the week and the teachers are kind of expecting it this year.

And let me just tell you, those teachers have had a difficult year. The current principal is retiring/resigning at the end of the school year...and not exactly on a voluntarily basis. She has all but shut out the PTO from helping at all with anything, which means that the teachers are having to pick up all the volunteer hours we used to cover for them.

Like they don't have enough to do.

I do understand what the lady I was talking to was explaining - Chick Fil A is cutting way back on these types of charitable things, but to not even offer any sort of discount?


And I think my disappointment over this just colored the rest of my day a dour, gray-like color. Kinda like the color of a McDonalds 'chicken' nugget.

Sorry. That was a low blow. But for the first time in ages, I no longer have the desire to 'eat mor chikin'.

Bah humbug.

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