Monday, April 23, 2012

Size matters

Since I obtained my Zumba license, I've been getting the occasional email from them - usually to tell me about something specific. Last week, it was a Flash sale on Zumba wear. Since I'm now wearing somewhere between a large and extra large in workout gear, I figured what the heck - it's worth taking a look.

Turns out that the discounts were pretty discount-y so I ordered a pair of Zumba cargo pants. I've heard that the Zumba clothes run sort of small, so I ordered an XXL just to be safe. Put in all my info, clicked purchase, and then got a serious case of buyers uncertainty. What if they were too big?

So I pulled up the size chart and almost choked.

Waist Relaxed21"22 1/2"24"25 1/2"27"28 1/2"
Front Rise9"9 1/4"9 1/2"9 3/4"10 1/4"10 3/4"
Back Rise12 3/4"13"13 1/4"13 1/2"14"14 1/2"
Inseam29"29 1/4"29 1/2"29 3/4"30"30 1/4 XXL pant is for a 28 1/2 inch waist?

One moment please...



This should be very interesting. Very interesting indeed. On the bright side, on the day that these actually fit, I'll be buying a small to medium in regular there's that....

But seriously, Zumba people? The difference between an XS and an XXL is seven and a half inches? In supermodel land, I guess that would be about right but since I don't reside in supermodel land, I guess I'm just out of luck.

I cannot imagine what woman with a 28 1/2 inch waist would be any sort of psyched about having to order an XXL size pants - amIright?


Carrie said...

Pfft, wow. That's a ridiculous size chart. I don't even want to know what my size would be called!

Brooke said...

I know, right?!? At my calculations, a 36 inchwaist would need a 7XL.


Thanks for your comment, Carrie!