Friday, April 13, 2012

Yeah, I'm lazy about this blog post but read it anyway.

Good morning. I haven't posted since Monday. Oops. I've been in a fog of exhaustion and a small case of the blues. Well, if you can call bursting into tears over barely sentimental commercials and actually sobbing over the ending of Marley and Me (and yes, I'd already seen the movie) a small case of the blues. It could also be PMS, but that's treading into TMI territory.

Anyway, last night after Zumba I came home and made myself a Shakeology, so I woke up way, way early this morning and felt wide awake. Then I noticed that Sara was in the bed with me. Well, okay, not so much noticed as heard because she was snoring like a 60 year old man with clogged sinuses.

I ended up coming downstairs and being all kinds of productive and then emailing Robert to tell him about it and I thought....hmmmm. This would make a good blog post and also I wouldn't actually have to write another one. So below is the copied email for your enjoyment. It's like voyeurism, only I'm boring. Whatevs.


I woke up this morning and found Sara snoring in our bed and after I went to the bathroom I couldn't go back to sleep, so I came downstairs to start sorting clothes for the yard sale - at least the ones that were still in the house versus the garage. Heh. Anyway, I noticed that light wood box thing that was under the counter in the laundry room and I thought - hmmm...might as well sell that too. So before I would touch it I had to get the vacuum out and vacuum up the dust bunnies and spider webs that somehow I had failed to notice before this morning at 4:45 am. Cause, you know, it's only been there a couple years or so. 

Since I was vacuuming up the area around the counter, I might as well vacuum the laundry room in general - at least what I could reach without moving the washer or dryer. With the hanging clothes rack moved out, I had enough room to walk between the washer and the counter and I could see behind the washer and dryer. Not. Pretty. And something caught my eye behind the was blue. 


Remember those navy running shorts you were looking for a few months ago? Well, I found them. And a pair of your Air Force PT shorts, two pairs of black dress socks, a washcloth, and about six single socks. But how did I get them out from behind the washer, you may be wondering? I sucked 'em out with the vacuum hose. Clever, right? Yay me. 

I think my project for today besides my workout, the commissary, and Best Buy is going to be figuring out some sort of contraption to hang clothes up in the laundry room because now that the portable clothes rack isn't beside the washer, I really don't want to put it back. And it's also on it's last, sad, portable leg. I also fixed the dryer hose because it wasn't hooked up correctly to the outside vent which explains the draft in the winter, some of the dust in the house, and why there are odd bugs in the laundry room sometimes. 

I've been officially productive and it's not even 6 am. I could make an Army commercial. HA!

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