Friday, July 1, 2011

Confession time

So! The kids are at day camp this week. I had such grand plans. Most of which are still plans waiting on me to get my buns in gear. Trips to Goodwill, listing all our yard sale stuff that didn't sell (which is pretty much all of it) online to try and get it outta here, really, really cleaning the house from top to bottom, reorganizing the closets that have not felt my wrath yet (in my defense, there's only one left).

What have I done?

I've worked out every day this week so far - much better than last week! I've managed to get the kids to camp every day this week on time without yelling or threatening. I've napped. I've consumed a lot of water. I've watched some movies. I've blogged. I've cooked. I reorganized the spice/baking cabinet. I've gone to the library, met R for lunch, and finished a bunch of errands I've been meaning to do for a while.

In short, I've taken it easy. It's been pretty glorious. And, while my house is not spotless, but it's not nasty either. The furniture hasn't been rearranged yet (mostly because I keep changing my mind), and I've got a bunch of stuff I'm dropping off at Goodwill tomorrow.

And I think I'm calling it a successful week.The kids are happy...R and I are happy...I can live with dusty baseboards and munchkin printed window panes.

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