Friday, July 1, 2011

That's one way to get the Tooth Fairy here

I dropped the kids off at Y camp this morning. I was heading out to catch the early showing of Larry Crowne (if you go before noon, you get in for $5), go by a furniture store that's supposedly closing to check out prices on nightstands and mattresses, hit the post office, the library, the commissary, and the ever necessary Walmart before picking the kids up by 4.

Twenty minutes into the movie I get a phone call that S and her two front teeth have had a tete-a-tete with a piece of playground equipment and that I should probably come get her and take her to the dentist.

Fifteen minutes and one only slightly panicky phone call to the dentist later, I'm at the Y. To her credit, S was sitting there calmly holding a wet paper towel to her mouth. To my credit, I managed to look at the damage without upsetting her or showing my dismay. This did not look good. Her gums were already bruising and they had obviously been bleeding pretty seriously. And her two front teeth, while still attached, had been shifted in her mouth.

I signed her out, got her in the car, and we were at the dentist a short time later. After an x-ray and an oral examination, Dr. M told us that S's permanent teeth looked to be undamaged and that her baby teeth might or might not stay in. As far as scenarios go, that was a pretty good one, I thought. I was worried they were going to pull the teeth or that she was going to need some oral surgery. S is not exactly the best patient.

To my surprise, S wanted to go back to camp after we left the dentist, so I took her back. She ate a little lunch and she ate dinner pretty well. Her teeth seem more secure than they were earlier today and she's handling everything like a champ. Poor kid! What a lousy thing to have to go through! The dentist gave her a tooth box for the tooth fairy, so she's all excited that her her front tooth/teeth may come out. Me? A little less so, but I'm willing to roll with it. The most important thing is that she's okay. And I'm pretty sure she is since she told the dental assistant "you stink" out of the blue.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Now if I can get version 3.8 of the Diva Self Edit program installed in S's brain, we should be good to go.

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