Sunday, July 3, 2011

That costs HOW much?!

R and I have HAD it. HAD IT, I say!

For the last few months, we both wake up, groan, stretch, and then hobble around until we work the kinks out of our backs. Enough of that!

We went mattress shopping yesterday.

Um, has anyone else priced mattresses lately? Outrageous!

In the past, we've gone the best of the cheap route when purchasing a mattress and it hasn't worked out very well. R and I have the back pain and grouchy dispositions to prove it.

After much looking, we found one we both really liked and the store offered no interest if you pay in off in six months. Sold!

And....they could deliver it today and take away our old mattress and box springs. Sign. Us. Up.

So nighty night, I'm skipping upstairs to hop into what I hope will be the best night's sleep in this house since we moved here.

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