Monday, February 7, 2011

With a wink and a smile

T woke up this morning with a fever. R felt awful all weekend. 

Sigh. Anyone want to take bets on who gets sick next?

I got T an appointment with his pediatrician today, where we found out that it's not strep or an ear infection, which is good news. T was feeling well enough to run by the BX barber shop and get his hair cut after we left the doctor's office.

S and I had to step out of the barber shop for a minute while he was in the chair, and in that short of a time span, I hardly recognized my grown up little man when we walked back in. It's crazy the difference a haircut can make.

S, who is never shy about speaking her mind, pipes up immediately with, "OH MY GOSH T!!!! (giggle, giggle) You look so good! You look like Daddy!"  And T flashes a smile at her and winks at me. 

HAHAAAAAHAAA!!! That little charmer!

When the lady finishes cutting his hair, T hops out of the chair and we go to pay. She asks him if he likes it, and he looks up at her, grins, gives her the head jerk/nod, and winks at her. It was adorable! Not that I'm biased or anything (ahem). It was cute enough that she laughed out loud. As we were leaving, he turns around and tells her, "You're the prettiest lady that's ever cut my hair."

I am NOT looking forward to his dating years.

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