Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day summed up...

Yesterday was not my best day. In general, it was a day filled with issues and unfinished things. I started about four blog entries but didn't finish a single one, had to talk to T again about keeping his hands to himself because he got in trouble at school for putting his hands on another student, almost burned our house down, pretty much ruined any food I touched yesterday, and noticed that even though I dusted - again - that everything in our house looks like I haven't touched a duster in weeks. I'm losing faith in Swiffer, frankly.

And in case you think I'm being melodramatic (who, me?!?!), this is the email R just sent me from work:

How's your day going so far? Hope you have had a better day. I've been

worried about you and hope things are better or let me know if I can help.
Is there anything I can do to bring home for you if you don't feel the need
to go to the commissary?

Here's my reply which mostly explains my day yesterday and my attitude about it. My poor husband, man. ::shaking my head:: Sometimes I don't know why he puts up with me.

Aww, I'm sorry you've been worried. Let me explain my reaction last night.

Yesterday morning, I got up right after you left to make the chocolate cake. To make it, I had to boil water, oil, and cocoa powder. I turned the heat way down after it boiled because I didn't want to burn it, then I finished making the batter, poured it into cupcake pans and baked it. Pulled the pans out of the oven, put the big cupcake pan on trivets on the counter, put the mini cupcake pans on top of the stove burners. Got the kids in the car, dropped off T at school. On the way, I realized that nagging feeling I was having that something was really wrong was likely because I hadn't turned off the burner from where I boiled the mixture for the cake, and now there was a pan of mini cupcakes on top of it. I drop off T, haul ass back home - where the middle section of the mini cupcake pan still on the lit burner was starting to smoke because the burner was what? Yes, that's right, STILL ON. It's not like me to be that careless. But short of having to throw away the mini cupcake pan and the few really burned cupcakes, all was well.

Rough afternoon with T once he got home from school over the spanking thing. He informs me I've ruined Valentine's Day. I kind of agree, actually. This was not our best V-Day.

Then onto dinner. I burn the beans, one potato gets overdone, one is underdone. What's THAT about? THen I cut into it and realize half of it is rotten. Oh yay, more wasted food. We finish dinner and I make the chicken soup - let me mention from having the beans in the sautee pan that I left the burner on - again. Really?? Again?!?!? Then I sit RIGHT THERE and fail to notice that the chicken soup is burning. Really, what else was there to do besides go to bed, start fresh this morning, and vow not to cook on the stove today?!?!

Maybe next year Valentine's Day will go more according to plan.

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