Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

We are smack dab in the middle of some nasty weather. To the north/northwest of us is a nasty strip of snow and ice predicted to fall at a mad rate. To the south/southeast of us is a huge band of deep snow. Both bands of weather are moving eastward. So far, it just looks like we are going to get ice, but it doesn't look like as much as we were expected to get, so I'm feeling awfully lucky. And I'm very thankful. This could be SO much worse.

School was cancelled today and the base closed down for everyone but mission essential people, which thankfully, R was not. He did, however, get called because the American flag outside his office was in danger of falling off the pole. I asked if we could go with him to fix it because I wanted to see what the roads were like, but I didn't want to drive on them myself. And besides, I figured our extra weight would help stabilize his car. While the roads were slick and slippery, they were passable. I'm still glad I wasn't driving, and I was glad to see that another guy turned up at the office to help rescue the ice laden flag. I was also thankful to get back home safe and sound.

There was something about everyone being home unexpectedly today that just warmed my heart. We played games, laughed a lot, and goofed around. It was an amazing, cozy, laid back day. And for days like that? I'm am always, always grateful.  Not having to shovel the driveway didn't hurt either. heh.

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