Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh what a day!

Last week? It just wasn't my week. And as much as I love blogging, I needed to just...not. I didn't have much positive to say, so I chose not to say anything. Yet another Kindergarten rule that just keeps on givng back. Hey, everything I need to know I pretty much learned in Kindergarten. Isn't that a book? I should totally read it.

So my last post was Wednesday. Thursday morning, I tried P90X Yoga. I do believe the torturous Tony calls it Yoga X. Catchy, right? I call it Yoga ##^@&$*&%*%*$^$%***%$###&#@!!!!!

It really wasn't that bad. Either that or I've blocked it from my memory, like childbirth. Oh, wait, I had c-sections, so I guess I can't use childbirth as an example. Okay, I've blocked it from my memory like.....having stitches after I smacked myself in the face with a pole.

But seriously, I'll go into detail about Yoga on Wednesday. I'm just thrilled I didn't die or rip or strain anything.

A few weeks ago, I signed T up for a kids' bible study class that meets on Thursday afternoons. It's only for a month, but I really want the kids to be exposed to a variety of religions. R and I are pretty slack about actually getting to church on Sunday mornings, so I'm trying to figure out better ways to get us all involved. Anyway, I wasn't sure if T rode the bus home if I'd be able to get him to class on time, so I picked him up from school. Turns out, we would have had plenty of time. Since we had time to kill, we went to the library. The kids behaved beautifully there, and we all left with something.

From the library visit, we went to the bible study, where the organizers told me S could stay too. Wooty woot woot! That meant I'd have about an hour and a half to myself with nothing scheduled. I went home and read in total peace and quiet. It was utterly blissful. Thursday was also the night that T's school rescheduled Family Sports Night, and I really wanted to take the kids to that, so we headed out right after R and the kids got home.

I think I was way more excited than the kids were about it. The school was offering Zumba demonstrations oriented towards families, which I thought was a great idea. I got S to go with me for about 3 minutes and then she abandoned me for the gymnastics area. We finally peeled them away from the gynmastics area and headed into another area that had sections for all sorts of fun stuff - jump rope, bean bag and ring tosses, fuseball, wall climbing, rope climbing, and a fitness test area for pushups and situps.

What a great way to spend an evening, right? R and I couldn't get the kids interested in jump rope, but T did try the wall climbing and the rope climbing. All the stations were pretty busy, and we left before we got to see everything. The kids were bummed (I was too) but we needed to head home and get ready for bed.

Since we were already out, we ran by Walmart and got juice and a couple other things we were out of. We hadn't had dinner yet, so S and I dropped the boys off at the door of Walmart and ran to a fast food place to grab some dinner. I rarely go to this particular place because they always get my order wrong, but it was late and we were in a hurry, and I like their salads. Well, I like their salads when they aren't mostly rotten and covered in strange sauces.

We finally got most of the order straightened out and headed out to pick up R and T and then we went home. And that's when I got a good look at the front of my car and noticed that at some point that day, someone hit my car. Well that's just great. Thank you SO much to the person or persons that did this. I realize this isn't saying anything nice, but I hope karma slaps you upside the head a few times. And I hope it hurts.

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Samantha said...

Oh no about your car. I had the same thing happen to my car when we were in Florida. I have the name of somebody who does bodywork in his own shop. He did a beautiful job and saved us a bit of money. If you'd like his info, let me know.