Thursday, February 24, 2011

I will survive

Remember that song by Gloria Gaynor from the 70's? Looooove that song! I actually heard it on the radio the other night and impressed if not R, then at least the kids with my lyric knowledge. Not with my singing ability, though, but what else is new? But how much singing ability do you really need to belt out a classic anthem? What I lack in talent, I make up for in heart. And possibly in entertainment factors. ::Snort::

And while this has for sure been a rough week, it's been full of potential blog material.

I still can't get S to pee in the cup. I'm ready to go and beg the lab techs to make her do it, but that's not their job, and frankly? After her last impressive vocal chord pyrotechnic show, can't say that I blame them or that I'd be surprised if they all disappear when we show up again. I know if I were the tech, I'd hide.

Got my car back. A la Forrest Gump, and tha-at's all I've got to say about tha-at.

I also managed to leave S's booster seat in the rental car when I picked up my car. Way to GO, self. Of course, I didn't figure it out until I was almost home. At least we confirmed the rental place has it and I can go get it tomorrow which works out well because I need to go back to the repair shop anyway. Hooray.

The good news is that T gets a redo on the student of the month breakfast he missed last month, so I get to go to school with him in the morning and celebrate his achievement. Frankly, he could use the pick me up. He got in trouble last week at school two days in a row for the same behavior, which is extremely unusual. Since this has been a much better week for him, I'm hoping the trend will continue for all of us.

Either way, though? We will survive. Especially if I don't sing about it.


Jennifer said...

Hey, what about doing the age old prank and using saran wrap on the toilet seat? She can pee, and you can collect said pee... just a thought.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Ooooooooooooooo - I like the way you think. It's certainly worth a try...