Sunday, February 6, 2011


For three years (almost four) I've been referring to S as our resident diva. And, trust me, the name fits. She's been diva-licious since birth.


Lately she's taken to arting her self up. I'm not sure if she does it when she runs out of paper or finishes off a coloring book mainly because she has always done it when I wasn't right there watching her. And in all honesty, I do give her ample opportunities to decorate since the laundry stubbornly refuses to wash, dry, and fold itself. Annoying.

In a stunning new development, yesterday in the car I caught her and T 'tattooing' each other with an ink pen. What the foxtrot? (a little military phonetic humor) T sports a nice little "T <3 A" etching and apparently, "S <3 T" since that was what was on her hand.


This morning she got quiet and when we called for her, she rushed into the bathroom. When she came out, she had green marker remnants all up and down her left arm.  By 5 pm, she had repeated the process with the black marker and managed to also get her right arm mostly done, fingernails included. Some of it washed off, but some of it didn't.

But you know? For three year old arm doodling, it's actually kind of cool - not that I'm encouraging this in any way. She really does seem to have a talent for all things of an artistic or creative nature. I have to admit, I love to do crafty things so I'm excited that she is showing interest in this area. I just have to make sure and hide all the sharpies and permanent markers. So now my resident diva/artiste has been renamed a divatiste. Make a note people. ::Snort!::

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