Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Workout Wednesday

I'm sore today. Deadlifts made it into the rotation. Deadlifts do what squats and lunges don't normally do...they make my hamstrings scream. Not when I'm doing them, oddly enough, but the next day? Ouch.

Since we did deadlifts Monday, I figured I would be over the majority of the soreness by today. As it turns out, that's not the case. So the deadlifts were full of extra fabulousness today. Woooo!

On the bright side - or the scary side depending on how you look at it - I was on the the leg press machine and decided to see how heavy I could go.

480. Four hundred and eighty pounds for six reps. I'm almost positive that tomorrow I will be in pain any time any muscle in either of my legs moves, but least I had something to write about.

And before you picture me as some massively muscled She-Ra, let me just say that the leg press machine was the exception rather than the rule. After all, my bent over fly weight is 10 pounds and that can be a struggle some days.

It's so freaky how the way you move makes such a difference on how much you can move, doesn't it?

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