Saturday, October 30, 2010

Any Saturday That Involves New Shoes Is Bound To Be a Good One

I needed to get out of the house today. It was a beautiful day, great fall weather. Since I'm pretty sure this area only has a weeks worth of actual Fall weather spread out over a six week period, I wanted to enjoy it. Best way to do that? Not be in the house!

We had some tickets for the cute little choo choo train ride thingy at the mall, so we decided to take the kids to do that, and then decide what else to do from there. Naturally, we pull into the parking lot and both kids announce they are hungry. We ended up eating at Chick Fil A, which I think is the only one in the area. When I was pregnant with T and living in South Dakota, I craved Chick Fil A, but there wasn't a single one to be found in at least a fifty mile radius. Cravings or not? I'm not driving over 50 miles for a meal. I have to say, though, lunch was yummy. I love their grilled chicken. And their southwest chicken salad. Yummy!!

After lunch, we took the kids to ride the train. We stopped by Payless on the way out where S tried on a bunch of cute shoes, but didn't want to buy any - other than the Dora boots she found that were two sizes too small. But to our surprise, she didn't throw a fit over the Dora boots. We tried to explain they wouldn't fit, but she didn't understand or more likely didn't believe that they didn't fit until she tried to put them on. After that, she didn't want any of the shoes she'd tried on, but it was a calm, rational process. Color us impressed.

T even tried on some shoes. We ended up getting him a pair of really cute ones that he could just slip on. Neither of my kids has any desire to learn to tie a shoe, so if the shoe ties, they both immediately say they don't like it. I give that another year or two tops and then they'll probably have to learn since they have gigantic feet (runs in the family) and I'm not sure that shoes come in Velcro closures much past the size 3 T is in now. Of course, I wouldn't put it past S to spend the rest of her life in heels to avoid the situation entirely. heh.

We left the mall and ran by the Y to sign the kids up for parents night out, then were going to head home so the kids could play outside and I could run to the commissary. On the way home, friends of ours called (how awesome was it that I not only had my phone with me, but that it was on and charged?!?) and we ended up planning an impromptu cookout.

As great days go, this one was way up there. Of course, finding that cute pair of boots for me didn't hurt, either.

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