Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Motivation Monday - the P90X edition

I missed last Monday because we were traveling and I hadn't worked out, like, at all. But I knew it was coming so I tried really hard not to be cranky about it. I think I did okay, but only Robert and the kids know for sure and they're all asleep right now.

So today I'm happy to report that I got my slacker butt back into the Y. I've started a fitness challenge with one of my former managers, and my program of choice is P90X.

Yesterday I finally got around to doing the fit test which consisted of push ups, bicep curls, vertical jump, pull ups, in and out sit ups, and two agonizing minutes of jumping jacks. Oh, and wall squats. You are supposed to be able to pass this test before starting P90X. I surpassed the minimum requirements in everything but the jumping jacks and pull ups. I switched to running in place about 45 seconds in, but switched back for the last 30 second jumping jack sprint. I had no way to do pull ups here, but I know I can't do one without out a little help. So there's tons of opportunity for improvement. I hadn't done push ups or pull ups in months. Can't really say that I missed them.

Which leads me into my workout for today. Chest, back, and abs. Guess what that consisted of? Push ups and pull ups, mostly. Tony Horton is the devil. The devil I tell you.

I had planned to go to Zumba this afternoon, but I didn't make it. I need to be able to walk around tomorrow since Robert's going back to work and I've got to do plyo.

But I've gotta say - it felt GOOD to be back in the gym. Crap. I've turned into one of those people that likes to work out.

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