Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family First

The kids and I have settled into a pretty good routine. They are dealing pretty well with Robert being away for the most part and we are doing our best to stay busy.

Gotta tell you, it's a lot easier than it was last time.

So anyway, I've been weaning myself from spending so much time on the computer.

When the kids were really little, there were times when my magical electronic gizmo (aka my laptop) represented the only adult interaction I'd get. It kept me sane. And no, I'm not kidding.  And yes, that's a little sad.

But now the kids are older and I have worked really hard at making real life connections. I don't want to hide behind my computer screen and live life vicariously through anyone or anything else. There's too much out there to see and enjoy and learn. And the less time I spend online, the more time I can spend moving around and hopefully the less my ass will spread and the smaller my pants size will be.

On that note, I'm still going to blog and check email and spy on keep in touch with everyone on Facebook. I mean, come on... I love you guys. But I love my family more. And right now that's where I need and want to be.

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