Monday, August 8, 2011

That went swimmingly

Today, R and I went to the Y to swim some laps. Whoooeee, was I sucking wind! I guess slacking off on the working out for a couple weeks wasn't the best idea on the planet. I also guess that's why they call it lifestyle changes and not temporary improvement of habits.

However, I made it through my half mile swim and even did a few more laps after that and lived to tell about it. I've been working on form and rhythm. That's what I tell myself when I find myself lapped by people 30 years older than me, anyway.

After we finished our laps, R got the kids and we stayed for open swim. I came up with the hilarious idea of R and I racing the length of the pool to entertain the kids. Hilarious because if you've ever seen R swim, it's effortless and fast. Just like his running.

The kids called out "ready, set, go" and off we went. R, most likely thinking about how sloooooooow I am, was more than likely planning on taking it easy and not beating me by much. You know, to be nice. I, knowing how sloooooow I am but also knowing that I am capable of decent speed for short distances, gave it everything I had. We were about 3/4ths the length of the pool and I realized that I was ahead of him. Ahead! But he was coming up fast. We touched the wall at almost the same time and T calls out, "Mommy WON!!!!" in a very surprised voice. I was surprised too. And R? He was reallllly surprised. Have I mentioned how he hates to lose?
H A T E S it.

Of course, I was sucking air and clinging to the side of the pool for dear life, and R was barely breathing heavy. Le sigh.

A bit later, we decide to race again. This time, he puts full effort into it and I am left soundly in the dust. I get to the wall a good 10 seconds later than R and S still shouts, "Mommy WON!". Hahahhaaa!

I'm pretty sure it will be the last time. But at least I know I'm a half lap contender. Heehee!

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