Sunday, August 14, 2011

The day of nothing and something

Friday morning, R came upstairs before he left for work and told me that T was awake, downstairs, and saying that his throat hurt.

Visions of another long winter filled with strep throat danced through my head and I groaned and buried my head under a pillow. About two seconds after R left, T was right beside my side of the bed, looking sad and pitiful and telling me that his throat was really hurting.

And then he started coughing, only his coughing sounded like barking.

Oh. No.

I fixed him a cup of crushed ice, got him settled on the couch, and tried to make him an appointment with the pediatric clinic. They had nothing open, but suggested that I take him to the walk in clinic for a strep test...just to rule it out. I wonder if "easily catches strep" flashes across our file when they pull us up....

I cancel my workout appointment, and have T at the clinic by 8:30. He's already sounding better, but his throat looks swollen and nasty. The rapid strep test was negative, but they double check the culture again at the 24 and 48 hour mark. So, we'll know by Monday.

Then all day today, S has been complaining about her stomach hurting. Unfortunately, she always says her stomach hurts, so we never know quite what to think. For the most part, she seemed okay today. She ate and drank with no issues, besides complaining of stomach pain. She did take a nap around mid-day, which was unusual, but it wasn't a very long one and she didn't sleep well last night.

Then, as I was writing this post, I heard her crying and walking towards the steps. She was asking for a drink, but then she clapped her hand over her mouth and before I knew it, she threw up all down the steps. Poor thing! I got her into the kitchen, where she continued to throw up.  Got her cleaned up, got me cleaned up, got the mess cleaned up and now she and I will be camping out downstairs in the living room, where I can get to her quickly when she gets sick again. I am hoping that this is something she decides not to share with us, but I guess we'll know that by Monday too.

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