Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heart to heart

Lately, I've written a lot about S and her ridiculous temper tantrums. Let me also mention that there's a lot of those tantrums I have not written about. Lordy, that girl has some kind of personality on her. Jeckyl-ette and Hyde-e-ho, that one.

Tuesday morning, I sat the resident diva down for a bit of a chat. I asked her to save the tantrums for really important stuff, like not getting an iPhone when all of her friends have them or not being able to see Justin Bieber (or whomever) in concert while dressed like a Toddlers and Tiara's contestant.

My part of this new little bargain was (and I quote from the diva herself) "not to be so mad".  I refrained from mentioning that her constant fits have a lot to do with why I always seem mad these days. Yay for me!

Fast forward to tonight, and we've had two almost tantrum free days. I mention this to R on the way to dinner and suddenly all tantrum avoiding evaporates. Jeez! Was it something I said?

S throws a fit because I didn't bring her a hair elastic, throws another fit because in the midst of throwing the first fit she flips off her flip flop and can't reach it where it lands in the bottom of the car. I think there were a few more thrown in there, but I've already blocked them out of my memory.

We ended up eating dinner tonight at Five Guys and S's comment when we pull up - even though we've said this was where we were heading no less than five times - was "THIS place? YUCK!"

To which I reply - "oh, but they have peanuts...."

To which she replies, "yaaaaaaaaaaay! Peanuts!!!!!"

Alrighty then.

About a minute after we sit down, we see a friend of the kids from camp and S is sweetness and light again.

And the good mood lasts for the rest of the night which made me so very grateful.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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