Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family drama, but not what you're thinking

Tucker joined a drama group at school. Last Friday and Saturday nights, they performed their play, Once Upon a Lily Pad. Tucker was on the art/ticket committee, and here's the poster he drew:

He also, for some reason, wore pants that were two sizes too big so he kept having to pull them up. Eventually he got tired of that and shoved about two yards' worth of shirt tail in to try and fill in the gap. It didn't work too well.

It did, however, give him the closest thing to a potbelly he'll probably ever have.

After the play, there was a cast party in the cafeteria. Sara wasn't impressed that she wasn't celebrated in any way at either the play or the party.

I had my typical reaction to that and learned something new...apparently when I roll my eyes, they go in different directions. I need to find a way to capitalize on that talent.

And in case you're wondering, Tucker is drinking ice cream from the bowl because it melted before the kids got to the cafeteria. 

Never a dull moment. Like, ever.

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