Monday, April 21, 2014

Just a little Sunday drive...

We headed to my mom's house for Easter dinner today. It's just over a two hour drive from our house to her house and I couldn't have asked for a better day to drive.

There's a huge no speeding campaign going on in our area, so it wasn't surprising that we saw a lot of State Troopers on our way down, which also meant that I paid close attention to the way I was driving and how fast I was going.

With that in mind, and also because it was a beautiful day, the kids weren't bickering in the back seat for once, we had excellent tunes playing, and it's Easter, I was in the mood to be the nicest, most considerate driver on the road. Possibly ever.

Aiming high, that's me.

About 20 minutes from Mom's, traffic was getting heavier. At one on ramp, there were cars trying to merge onto I-40. I couldn't move over into the left lane to let the car that was quickly running out of room over, so I slowed down so they could merge into traffic in front of me.

Nice, right? That's what I thought.

As soon as they moved over in front of us, the driver rolled down her window and waved at me vigorously....with her middle finger.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I *might* get a touch of road impatience myself from time to time. So before I could think much about my own actions (more specifically, who was in the car with me), I pretty much reacted  by waving back with two meaningful fingers of my own.

Because, you know, one nice gesture deserves another. Or...paying it forward. Or something.

But wait!

Not to be outdone, my two were met and raised a couple by my friendly neighborhood driver and her passenger, at which point Robert and I both 'waved' back, albeit with only one hand each.

Of course, then we both realized that we were setting a horrible example for the kids and stopped reacting, but not before I threw a couple 'Bless your heart' statements her way.

I'm guessing that she probably didn't get the chocolate bunny she wanted for Easter.  I sincerely hope the rest of her day went better.

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