Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Dahlhouse

My good friend Kim was getting rid of her childhood doll house. It had been in her basement for years and needed some cleaning.

It's not that Sara didn't have a doll house, but I wanted her to have one that was unique and had a special meaning for her. Hopefully she will save it for her little girl one day.

We picked it up and got it all cleaned up. Since it was close to Sara's birthday, I told her she could pick out the colors and we'd repaint it  The doll house was in really good shape, just in need of a little TLC and some updating. Plus, the germophobe in me liked the idea of freshly covering all the walls and floors.

Sara helped paint and it took some convincing to talk her out of painting the entire thing pink. But I think it turned out beautifully considering I do NOT possess actual rehab talent, the ability to cut straight, nor a steady hand for painting.

So here are the before pics (thanks to Kim)

And here are the pretty much finished pictures:

I think it looks great, and even though Sara had mentioned she'd like more pink in it, she's really excited to play with it now that the paint is dry and the floors are in. 

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