Thursday, April 24, 2014

David Letterman I'm not

I woke up on time this morning. I'm having a good hair day (of course washing was helpful). I got the kids ready for and to school with no major fights or meltdowns. It's a beautiful day. So why am I so dang grouchy?

Here are the top ten things that may have contributed to my grouchiness today (and by may I mean they are totally responsible)...

1) People o' the local area
2) Drivers who think red lights and stop signs really only mean 'if you feel like it'.
3) Police officers who watch the drivers in #2 and don't do a doggone thing about them.
4) Not being able to get my feet warm this morning
5) Full sinuses compliments of allergy season
6) The teacher in the drop off line who not only slammed my car door so hard it shook the car this morning, but also commented 'So?!?' to my kids telling her they were looking forward to art today.
7) Not doing anything about #6
8) Ripping my sock on the protruding nail of the doorway to our bathroom, even though I know it's there because I've ripped about 20 other socks on it before.
9) Political ads. All of you need to shut. the. hell. up.
10) Dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds even though I've swept, mopped, vacuumed, or dusted every day this week. Where are they coming from? Do they crawl back out of the vacuum or trash can at night?

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