Saturday, February 8, 2014

The one where we go to the Lego movie

Tucker and the Lego train station he built 
Tucker's favorite thing in the world right now is Legos. He can build anything...without instructions. It's amazing to watch.

The Lego Movie opened yesterday. It's been advertised for months. Almost every day for the last two weeks, I've gotten the Lego countdown from Tucker. I kid you not, he was more excited about the Lego Movie than he was about Christmas this year.

Robert and I, trying to be slick, talked about surprising him by taking him to see the movie Friday afternoon. It was showing in two places locally - BUT - Bricks 4 Kidz was going to be at one of the theaters. Tucker goes to the Bricks 4 Kidz after school program at his school weekly. And, as I learned Thursday night, if I liked them on Facebook, there was a city wide scavenger hunt, with the daily clue posted at 3 pm. I pick up the kids around 2:50, so that was going to be perfect.

Tucker has super sonic hearing...when he wants to. The first thing he said to me Friday morning was, "MOM!!!! The Lego Movie starts today! Are we gonna go see it after school?!?!" I told him we'd have to see and I admit, for a moment, I wanted to change our plans to try and actually surprise him. But then I thought about how long he'd waited for the movie to open and how even though I got frequent updates about the countdown, he really never bugged me about going.

So after I picked them up from school, I told the kids I wanted to go to Sonic for 1/2 price drinks. This isn't totally unusual, so they didn't think anything about it. We got to Sonic, ordered, and I'm checking Facebook on my phone for the clue. And as we were waiting for our drinks...BAM! the clue hit. Here was the clue...Last clue! Email a pic if you win! "Birthdays, weddings, or just need something sweet? Their name is not long so go for a treat"!
playing with Legos before the movie

Okay, so obviously it's a bakery. There's a Hey Hey Cupake in Black Mountain, but all of the other clues from earlier in the week had been found in Asheville. So I searched for bakeries in Asheville and the first one that popped up on my search was "Short Street Cakes". I tried to program the address into the GPS in my car, but my car didn't have a clue where the road was, much less the business. Luckily, my phone did, so off we went to find it. And we did! We got there, found parking, walked in and asked if they were the Bricks 4 Kidz clue for the day and they were, but someone beat us to it by five minutes. Thanks a lot, crappy car GPS! But the bakery had mini cupcakes which I hadn't seen since Sweet Katie Bee's so the kids each got one and I enjoyed the bakery smells. Not nearly as satisfying as scarfing down a cupcake, but I lived through it anyway.

Tucker was so disappointed that he didn't win, so I suggested that we go see the Bricks 4 Kidz set up at the movie theater. We drove there, parked, and walked up. I realized that there was no way we could get into the lobby without buying a ticket, so the surprise was kinda blown, but the looks on the kids faces when I said we could go to the move was priceless. It got even better when they realized Robert was going to meet us there. Now all we had to do was wait until Robert could meet us. The kids played with Legos at the Bricks 4 Kidz tables while we waited and before we knew it, Robert was there.

Lego Man came to hang with the kids
The movie was really good. Really good. The kids in the movie theater were all well behaved and it was so cute to hear them cheer and clap and laugh. So even though it wasn't the great surprise we had planned and he didn't win the scavenger hunt for the day, it was pretty cool anyway. I guess you could even say...


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