Saturday, February 22, 2014

The best Saturday ever!

I danced with consciousness this morning when Sara called out for Robert. Last night, I braided her hair so it would be wavy today. She was so excited at the prospect of non-straight hair that she was up by 6:15 which is most unusual for her...oh wait..unusual on weekday. This is the weekend. So yeah, that's about right.

But her shouts for Robert were because she wanted to know if she could take her braids out. It would have made me laugh had I been fully awake, because Robert and girl stuff are far, far apart on any and all spectrums.

And! Even though I wasn't fully awake yet, I remember being so grateful that she wanted him and not me. So grateful that I rolled over and went back to sleep. Somewhere deep in my mind, I knew that I should feel guilty about that, but I didn't. I did feel guilty for not feeling guilty about it for the six seconds it took me to go back to sleep...and then I remembered that the kids have school today as a make up day for one of the umpteen snow days we've had this year.

Dang. I was going to have to get up anyway.

Oh well.

Shriners in Shriner cars!
We got the kids to school and returned some movies to Redbox. We needed to go to the post office, but it didn't open until 9. It was now 7:44. We drove around a little and took some roads never taken (by us), stumbled on a Shriner's breakfast but didn't stay because we didn't realize until later that it was open to the public. It's a shame. I love their hats and little cars. Robert said they probably wouldn't have the cars there, but what's a Shriner party without a Shriner car?

We came back home and I fixed us some breakfast, did some filing, washed the kids' sheets, and hung out until time to go to the post office. After we finished at the post office, we went to Sam's, then to Lowe's, then came back home to put everything away. We picked up the kids from school, only Tucker had forgotten we were going to pick him up and had gotten on the bus. So we rushed to the bus stop and unbelievably got there before the bus did. Hallelujah!

We came home and stripped, sanded, and stained our kitchen table. And now Tucker and Robert are putting together something or other, Sara has gone to play with the neighbor kids, and I am thinking seriously about taking a nap.

Plus, it's only 3:30. So there is plenty of day left to continue the awesome.

I'm sure I've had days with Robert and the kids that are just as good as this one, and I know that my trying to describe it loses something in translation, but today I'm as happy as I can ever remember being just living in the moment. And that, my friends, that is a true gift!

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