Thursday, February 27, 2014

Product Review - Smile Brilliant

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a rep from Smile Brilliant asking me to consider reviewing their product on my blog. They would send me the product at no cost, then I just had to use it and review it.

Uh...yes, please!

Within an hour of accepting, I received email notification that my product order had been processed and shipped. WOW. That's service.

It took about a week to come, but it was sent through the USPS in regular mail (not priority) and it was during a week of pretty awful weather here.

I put it in the bathroom and it promptly got covered with clean laundry (hey, at least it was clean laundry!) Then I had some nasty sinus/cold/virus thing that prevented me from breathing through my nose for about half a week, so I put it off.

But today, I opened the package and read all the instructions. Seemed simple enough! Paint your teeth with the gel, put in the plastic trays, turn on the LED light and put it up against the trays on your teeth. I like simple!

Now - my teeth weren't terribly yellowed. I don't drink coffee, I don't smoke, and I've cut way back on the amount of tea and soda over the last few years. But I wasn't going to argue at all with the prospect of a whiter smile.

Smile Brilliant was extraordinarily easy to use. In the past, I've used other whitening products and I would see some difference, but nothing extraordinary. One thing I didn't like about using strips was that it only covered the my front four teeth completely, and as you can see, if I'm smiling hugely, you can see more teeth than that. With this product, you brush it on your teeth which means you can get full coverage. I really liked that. I also really liked that the gel went exactly where you wanted it and nowhere that you didn't.

So you paint on the gel and put in the plastic mouth guards:
isn't this just all kinds of sexy? 
Then you turn on the led light, place it up against the plastic mouth guards and close your lips around it:
yes, I was trying not to laugh

The instructions said to use the led light for 20 to 45 minutes. I kept it in for 30 since this was my first use. 
Clean up was a breeze as well, I just rinsed the trays and used my toothbrush to give them a quick scrub, and wiped off the led light since it looked perfectly clean but had been in my mouth for 30 minutes. 

Lets do a before/after side by side for comparison!
*somebody* could use an eyebrow wax, but my new, whiter smile should
distract from that for a while!

I feel like they are several shades whiter. I'm very very pleased with the result and won't hesitate to use Smile Brilliant again. And when I run out, I'll be purchasing another!

So the good news is this - I got a whiter smile by agreeing to review a product.
The GREAT news is this - I have permission to hold a give away. I'll post the details tomorrow!

Can't wait for the giveaway? Check out the product here:


Letty said...

is this for real? DOes it have any side effects?

Brooke said...

Letty - I have only used it twice, and no side effects for me. The information included in the kit does mention that any untreated cavities may be sensitive to the gel. But my teeth were evenly whiter both times, and I plan to use it whenever I feel my teeth need a little brightening.

Thanks for your question!