Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Workout Wednesday

This was, to say the least, not my best workout week. And yet, it kind of was.

I missed Friday because T woke up with pink eye. I got excellent workouts in this weekend, but I haven't been to the gym at all since Sunday.

On Saturday I had a cardio breakthrough. We did some time on the treadmill where I trotted along for almost half of my treadmill sentence...err...I mean stint. And by trot I mean it looked like jogging but it was at a walking speed. So I guess it was more of a trog... Hey, whatever works, right? Baby steps..

Then it was suggested that we jump rope. I laughed heartily. Did you not just see me trogging along? You did? And you still want to jump rope? Ugh. Fine. After an amusing first attempt that looked like a 3rd grader, we had a discussion about gravity's superhero grip on my mass.

A moment later with my behind sufficiently set straight, I actually jumped rope. For like, 20 seconds straight. At a very quick (even for a fit person) rate. The next round? I counted jumps instead of concentrating on time. This time I made it the 30 seconds with only one trip up. Wow. I had a Biggest Loser moment. I CAN do it. Maybe I've convinced myself I can't because I'm afraid to fail. But who says I'm failing besides me? Uh, no one. That's who. Even jumping rope for 5 seconds is better than sitting on the couch shoveling down _____ (insert food of choice here).

With that mental hurdle partially gone, I think I've opened the door to pushing myself beyond my current perceived limits. I really did think I was pushing myself. But my workouts this weekend proved that isn't exactly the case. Perhaps I need to have a little battle with my adversary gravity and prove that I can take what it throws at me and then? I'll jump rope right over it's ass.

And with that, I am proud to announce that in order to deal with the scale side of the equation, I joined Weight Watchers on Sunday. I had to face that I needed accountability. It's really hard for me to ask for help of any kind from anyone except maybe from R. But I need help with this battle. I can maintain my weight loss. I've been within the same 8 pound range since April. WW has rolled out a new program, and I'm excited about it.

When I stepped on the scales at the doctors office on Tuesday morning, I'd lost 4 pounds already BUT that's because I hadn't been eating and I'd been seriously sick. I had to force down some soup and crackers on Monday just so I could put some points on my points tracker. Yesterday was the same thing - I forced down dinner. Tonight? I was hungry most of the day, but the medicine I'm taking makes me nauseous so I was really careful about what I ate and when I ate it. That may actually be a blessing in disguise because by the time I feel back to normal, maybe I'll be better able to read my body's hunger signals rather than my emotional hunger signals. And that? Would be 60% of the battle.


alicia said...

i have a even greater new respect for you. After doing the nanny thing every day this week, for at least 9 hrs a day...eating at or under my calorie limit and excersicing is soooooo not on my radar! haha

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Thanks! I have to be honest, some days I would much rather have the mac and cheese than salad. And with this new WW program, I can if I really want...but when you take away the naughtiness of it, it loses some appeal. Not all, but some :)