Monday, December 13, 2010

The first real snow of the year

It snowed yesterday. Where I grew up, snow before Christmas qualifies as a miracle. And they got snow before we did this year. Come to think of it, it snowed there last year before Christmas too.

Global warming or global cooling?

The wind was blowing so hard yesterday that the kids only wanted to stay out a few minutes at a time. I'm in full support of that, since the wind here has a way of cutting right through whatever clothing you are wearing. And if it can't blow through, it will blow up your leg or down your collar or up your sleeve. Persistent.

To try and keep warm while we were outside, I was going to shovel the driveway. Here's how productive that was: I shovel a path, start another one, and by the time I get halfway done with my second swipe, the first one has been recovered in snow. The embarrassing thing is how long I kept this up before I admitted defeat.

Score: wind = 1, Brooke = 0

Then we got smart and went to get salt to melt the snow. Hard work? Done. This morning all that was left was what had blown back from the yard or across the street and not melted because the temperature was too low.

I was surprised to learn that school was cancelled this morning for the kids. I thought we could go and make a snowman or something, but the wind chill this morning was 5 degrees, so I kept the kids inside. The last thing we need is a re do of last week's sickness fest.

But I have to say, shoveling and shivering aside, the snow sure was beautiful.

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