Thursday, December 16, 2010


Wednesday was S's last ballet class. She's taking classes through the local YMCA and the teacher that took over this program only lets the parents in for the last class. I was really excited and curious to see what she had learned in class.

All decked out in her ballet gear, we headed to the Y, first for my workout and then her class.

Oh my gosh, these girls are simply adorable!
While this was definitely not a recital, the class had learned certain skills and a few routines that they were going to do.

The only problem was that with all the parents there and watching, the girls were easily distracted. S isn't one for performing on command unless she feels like it, so I wasn't surprised that she tired quickly of the performance aspect of the class and started doing her own thing. But I have to give her credit - she was awfully cute.

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