Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time - actual time, family time, potty time. Time, time, time.

The alarm went off at 6:00 this morning. Actually, it was really 6:02 because apparently R has decided to compensate for my little habit of fast forwarding time by rewinding it.

I see what I assume is his point - that if I set the clock ahead and still run late, what difference does it make if the clock is set behind a couple of minutes? Best case scenario, setting the clock back a few might actually make me more aware of the time and more likely to not be late.

Not even.

It just annoys me when I think it's 6:00, and then I realize it's really 6:02. And, yes, I have moved the time up, only to have him move it back.

I have many possible theories about why he does this - it's actually a new thing for him (or at least one I've never noticed before) - but to put them down here would just prove that I have utterly ridiculous thought patterns and likely need professional help.

What?!? I'm totally fine. Really.

Anyway, the clock goes off at 6ish this morning. Let's focus on the positive. How awesome is it that R takes the time and trouble to set the alarm for me every single morning? It's like he thinks I won't get up on my own or something. What?!? I totally would...eventually.

I hear T come in the bedroom around 6:2oish. The snooze had just gone off for the second time and I was thinking through my sleep haze that it would be really nice if T caught the bus today. The kids and I are leaving in the morning to go to NC for a couple days, so I have so much to do today, including buying rhubarb pie for my mom's husband. (That's a long story.)

I don't want to go and buy the rhubarb pie because beside that pie at the country store I'll have to visit to purchase it? Are other pies...apple, lemon, apple caramel walnut, coconut...the list goes on. There are also muffins, brownies, fudge, cookies, and other pastries. I love desserts - especially really good ones. Lately, I've been really good about not over indulging, but I have to admit I'm feeling weak today. But I have to go today because we are leaving in the morning. I couldn't go yesterday because we aren't leaving until Wednesday, and that just seemed like pie roulette with no way to refrigerate it and 12 hours in a car ahead of it.

All of this flashes through my mind in a second or two and then T's face is there, right in front of mine.

Mom. Is it okay if I go to the bathroom in your potty?

Yes, T. Go ahead.

Seriously, do I have a magic potty? Both the kids want to use our bathroom rather than theirs. I have no idea why. T goes to the bathroom and then starts to lie down on the floor beside the bed. R has long since left for work, so I tell him to lie down in our bed. Naturally, then I have to go to the bathroom, so I turn off the alarm and head that way. To my huge surprise, S is on the other side of the bed, asleep on the floor with her pillow and blanket. When did that happen? She's been coming into our room every night for the last week or so. She never wakes us up, just finds a spot on the floor and curls up and goes back to sleep. Sigh. I'll worry about it later.

I've no sooner sat down on the toilet than in comes S.

Mommy, I have to go potty.

S, honey, use your bathroom.

Nooooooooooooo. I want to use that potty.

OMG. It's too early for the whining. So I lie.

Well, I'm going to be here for a little while. I pick up a magazine to prove my point. S makes a frustrated noise, stomps her food and whines, "I don't want to use mmmmmmmyyyyyyyy potty. I want to use yooooooooouuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr potty."


I ask T to walk with S into the other bathroom and make sure the seat is down for her. He agrees and she actually goes with him. Yay. Ten seconds later I'm brushing my teeth and S runs back in, hops on our potty and goes. T walks up to the bathroom door.

Did S go in the other bathroom, T?

Yeah, but she heard you flush and hopped off and ran in here to finish.

Ah. It must be a magic potty after all. Maybe it's like the sleigh bell from the Polar Express and I can't hear it ringing, but the kids can. I'll have to ask that tomorrow during our trip. We'll need something to talk about at some point, I'm sure.


JLK said...

LOL! How does she just get up in the middle and "finish" on your potty? Man, wouldn't it be nice if you could just "take a break" like that and answer the doorbell if necessary, or get the chicken out of the oven before it burns, etc.? lol

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

LOL - I know, right? I think she was mostly done, but you never can tell with her. Both my kids have amazing bladder power..sometimes it seems like it's at superhero level.