Monday, July 19, 2010

Titling a post with "gluttony" made me hungry

Of course, it could also have been the talk of s'mores (or more likely - chocolate). Either way, I'm itching to bake something. Cookies, brownies, buttermilk chocolate cake with a dark chocolate icing that hardens (sounds so much harder than it is to make) healthy snack will do. Sugar and fat people. I want sugar and fat. Also appealing? Home made granola.

But of course I realize how very bad of an idea that would be, so I'm blogging about cooking versus actually cooking and then eating the results. What? I'd have to taste test it to make sure it's fit for consumption by others ::rolling my eyes::. So I will be strong and self sacrificing and not bake. Unless,of course, any of you would be willing to accept shipments of said baked goods? That might be the best of both worlds. I can bake, I can smell it, but it won't be just sitting here asking me - nay - demanding me to eat it. Um..any takers?


kris said...

Guess what?

Dessert at our house this evening?

Microwaved s'mores.

So yummy.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I was impressed when I tried microwaving s'mores.

They turned out so well that I'm afraid to buy more marshmallows, and I'm not normally a huge s'more fan.

What I also like? Is not having to put myself in mortal danger by being in between two reckless rangers wielding molten marshmallow bombs at the end of a red hot metal pole.