Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Therapy

First I have to admit that I stole the title of my post today from the awesome blog Free Therapy run by the fabulous and hysterical Sadie. Here's the link to check out her blog if you haven't already...www.therapyfree.wordpress.com. I :heart: her.

Okay. Now. Sorry for not posting yesterday. By the time I could have blogged, it would have been dated today, so I figure that I'll just blather on extra long today and hopefully all will be forgiven.


Well, it was worth a try.

Since I started blogging, I consider it fair game to blog about Dahl family life or things the kids say - especially when the things being said have been/are being shouted out in public. If the entire population of WalMart can hear it, I should be able to write about it, right? I am much more careful when it comes to friends and family. While I choose to spew all my stuff out for people to read and judge, I am hesitant to cross that boundary with those close to me. Most of the time anyway.

But I have to write about this. Yesterday, a dear and wonderful friend came to visit. She was nearby for a wedding last weekend and I was lucky enough to get to see her for a day. It was blissful. No matter how long it's been since we've seen each other or talked, we just pick right back up where we left off.

Last night after the kids and R went to bed, we stayed up way too late and talked about everything under the sun. Actually I think we covered everything BUT the sun. And, okay, I talked mostly. Try not to be shocked. So much of the stuff I've been bottling up just bubbled right out and even though we were both exhausted and we kept saying we needed to go to bed, she stayed up and listened and talked to me.

It was blissful!

It hit me during our talk that when I am discontent and out of sorts, THIS is what I've been missing. One-on-one conversations where you can be bare bones honest and the person loves you just as much at the end of the conversation as they did at the beginning. And while they are supportive, they are also honest and when you act like an unreasonable ass? They tell you.

Now - side note - R does this for me on a regular basis, so I have to give him a huge shout out here, but it's not the same as a girlfriend. It just isn't. Just like it's easier for R to tell his best friend stuff sometimes than it is to tell me. It's just a different chemistry.

So after a great day doing nothing in particular, and after Zumba, dinner, and putting the kids to bed, we had a chance to catch up and talk about parenting, relationships, life...you name it. And while I mostly know how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life, it never hurts to be reminded. And it's always nice to be reminded in technicolor - which is totally how this visit felt to me - like life in technicolor.

The down side? She had to leave today. I wish our lives weren't so far apart and so busy and that seeing each other could be more of a rule than the exception. But, boosted by the warm fuzzies of the visit, we'll just have to figure out how to spend more time together.

And seriously? If the good vibes from spending time with the girls could be bottled and sold? Life would be very, very grand indeed.

And that concludes the gushing portion of this blog post.

What was not fun over the last two days? Realizing that in the city, in the rain? I drive like a little old lady. I mean, jeez! The kids weren't even with me. I blame part of this on my unreliable GPS and part of this on the fact that in the rain these days I'm a nervous Nellie since my windshield wiper blades aren't correctly hooked on to the wiper arm and that I managed to forget about this until I need the wipers to work. Of course, I am missing an opportunity at this very second to go and try to fix it in order to get this entry done by midnight. But that's how dedicated :snort: I am to the blogging process and also how lazy I am about windshield wiper repair. I know, I know. I'm a bad ass. ::giggle::

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