Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pour some music on me

Oh jeez. I'm supposed to be cleaning. Well, okay, I TOLD myself I would clean today but it isn't like I put it on a calendar or promised R or anything. I wanted to clean today. Well, okay, not wanted, per se. Felt like it ought to be done....yes. That's it. Today I felt like I should clean something. I was off to a good start. Most of the laundry is done, I've got two loads left, one of which is in the washer as I type and a good majority of the other 2,000 loads are folded and sorted and ready to be put away.

I started the dishwasher before leaving the house this morning and actually wiped off the table immediately after the kids painted it with milk rather than letting the begin the process of drying into a dairy varnish. The dishes that didn't fit into the dishwasher? I washed by HAND so that I could put up the clean ones all at once.

Anyway, I decided to turn on some music to help the process. We have the music channels as a supplement to our 300 channels of nothing to watch. So what would put me in the mood to clean? Nothing as it turns out. But! The pop hits channel had me dancing in the living room. Wooooooooo! I'm such a spaz. But the good news is that I can dance a lot longer these days without feeling like my lungs will explode. For those of you who have bravely sat through my Maniac dance (a la Flashdance), you would be impressed.

So, not so much of the cleaning done and now I need to go upstairs and rinse off the sweat from the morning workout and my dance-a-thon because I'm getting my hair cut and my face waxed today. It's a little sad that I'm more excited about the face waxing. Where in the HECK is all this hair coming from? It's just unnatural unless we were still in prehistoric times and I was living on a polar ice cap. Then I would need all the fur my body is determined to grow. Sheesh.

OH SNAP! Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is on the 80's channel. I gotta go rock out. Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone, everywhere to crank up the music and do your thing every now and then. I'm giddy with musical love. Or maybe it's just low oxygen. Either way - Peace out!

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