Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've seen some pretty horrible...

...drivers since we moved back to North Carolina.

Yesterday, the kids and I mutually agreed that we needed to get. out. of. the. house. Even if it was just to drive around for a few minutes. After gymnastics on Monday, I noticed that my tire pressure indicator light was on. Not surprising considering the massive drop in temperature in the last few days. I had stopped by a gas station on the way home, but the air machine was out of order. I figured that I could just take care of that since we needed to get out of the house. Six quarters, two frozen hands, one pressure gauge short, and many expressions of frustration later, I gave up that little task and off we went to the nearest Redbox. 

On the way, we got behind an older car being driven...oddly. It turned into the same parking lot where we were headed. Turns out that the little older guy driving was driving with his door open. Um..okay. I'm guessing maybe the colder weather was causing some sort of issue with the door. But then he pulls out of the parking space, drives around to another row, parks, sits there and repeats the process about four more times. 

I didn't get it either. 

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Then there my favorite people - we hath dubbed them the oblivious. They drive cars with so many stickers on the bumper, trunk and rear window that it's amazing there is any visibility (and I'm pretty sure that sometimes there isn't). They are also apparently unaware that anyone else could possibly be on the road. An endearing little trait in heavy traffic. But the oblivious? They aren't the least bit concerned. They are too busy sucking the marrow out of life at 70 mph. Usually in both lanes at the same time. Kumbaya. Or Yippie kay yay. Or Namaste. Or something. 

But the very, very worst of them all is the 'my vehicle is bigger than your vehicle' group. They could be anyone, as long as they feel like their vehicle is even the slightest bit larger than yours, they show you no mercy. Normally, there are rules of the road and rules of right-of-way. Here? It's pure Darwin, baby. And apparently you get extra points for doing unnecessary damage.  I especially *love* the ones who are coming toward you and swerve slightly into your lane, like they are frontin', yo! If I'm going to play a game of chicken, I'd really rather do it in a pool with someone on my shoulders. Not so much with a huge metal projectile carrying precious cargo. Especially when I have no beef organic, grain fed, muscular sustenance with you.

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