Sunday, January 12, 2014

I never received an answer

When I saw this prompt, I had two choices (post wise, anyway). I could talk about all the times I've asked a question and never gotten an answer - OR - I could take this topic in a more spiritual direction.

Decisions, decisions.

But since I've listed this as a 'humor blog' in a place or two, I decided to go with the option a.

First up, why (and I'm guilty of doing this too) is it that when people don't want to tell you no, that they just don't answer you. For example:

Me - Hey! Let's do ______ sometime.
Person I'm talking to ::crickets::
Me - So...that's a no?
Person I'm talking to - I'll let you know.


Me: Kids - have you done _______ yet?
Kids: scatter like rats deserting a ship.


Me: (before I met Robert) I had a good time tonight.
Random date: uh huh
Me: So, thanks...
Random date: I' you.
Me: Oooookay.

Or you get invited to some sort of event where you are ideally expected to attend, bring a friend, and spend money (the more the better). I don't have a problem with this unless I have attended events for someone else who never, ever reciprocates. Then I start avoiding a response myself. And the reason I avoid a response is basically twofold. One, I'm really honored to be invited to anything. Ever. Two, because I can be guilted into things fairly easily.

However I secretly have a little scoreboard in my head that appears ::poof!:: before my eyes when I get these invitations. Oh lets see...I've attended or ordered from five or six different things for you, and I've invited you to several things for me, and not only do you not come or order, but you never acknowledge me in general unless you want me to buy something. But giddy invitation glow and easy guilt aside, even I have my limits. I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings, but there is no way I'm going to show up for some sort of Tupperware/jewelry/home goods show and not spend money. I just can't. I haven't decided if that's a flaw or a personality bonus. I know I need to let stuff like roll off my back, but speaking for myself only, I really would rather hear a negative response -- and by that I mean no/I don't want to do that/can't come/think that sounds horrible/would rather pull my toenails out with rusty nails licked by rabid raccoons than for it to be pretended that I don't warrant/deserve/rate a response. But maybe that's just me.

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