Friday, January 3, 2014

Almost there...

The writing challenge I joined posted "Almost there..." for the prompt for today.  Well, technically for yesterday since at midnight, I still had a serious case of "I don't know what to write!" (You need to read that in a whiny Disney tween show voice.) I started and erased about six different posts yesterday. My favorite ones to write are the ones that show humor and (hopefully) my ability to laugh at life.

Then it hit me around 4 am. THAT'S my almost there post... writing about wanting to write about something and it's on the edge of my brain but I just can't quite get it out on demand.

Many of the huge gaps between blog posts are because of faulty short term memory. Something funny happens and I think - Oh! I need to write about that! And then when I do -- usually much later -- it loses something in translation. It's hard not to feel like that's failure on MY part as a writer. Because, hello! If I can't translate something from my brain to virtual paper, then what am I even doing with a blog?

The truth is, though, that like many things there are moments of amazing, divine inspiration where I can churn out several posts a day in no time at all. Let's face it, with my kooky family and the vast, incredible differences in how Robert and I were raised and how we are inclined to raise our kids, some of these posts really do almost write themselves.

And then there are the other posts - the ones I want to write but don't because I really do try to consider other people's feelings when I am writing about other people. Pretty sure I'm about to create quite the s**t storm with my next paragraph or two, but sometimes that can't be avoided. So here goes:

The thing about blogging - or more specifically, MY blog - is that I write about things that affect or make an impression on me. And things that affect me often involve other people. I mean, there's only so much hilarity I can achieve solo. And the problem with writing about other people is that sometimes they do not take kindly to being mentioned. I admit, seeing myself reflected back at me through another person's perspective can sting a little. (Bitch resting face, anyone?!?) I'm sure I'm not the only person that finds that to be true.

But! If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck...chances are greater than normal that it's a duck. If you're a duck and don't like to be called out as a duck...well, there's not really too much I can do about that. Other than not writing about you being a duck. But sometimes, a girl needs to talk about duck. Especially if it's one of those ducky situations where you just KNOW the entire world will read your blog and be all..."YES! I know EXACTLY what you mean!"

While it's not my intention to make fun of anyone else, nor put them down, nor make them feel badly, when you behave like a douche nozzle and I relay that in writing, perhaps 'anyone' should think a little about their behavior(s) versus jumping down my throat for putting ridiculous behavior on my blog.

Okay, I just re-read that and lost interest in my own words. Simply put, this year I've decided to write about what I'm going to write about. You don't want to appear in my blog in an unfavorable light? Don't be a dick duck to me. SO! Writing about whatever I want to this year? Yep. I'm almost there...


Morgan Moss said...

A friend of mine here told me once that people who do stupid stuff or who piss me off end up making my blog, so she just has to make sure to never do either of this things. I couldnt stop laughing because, well, it's true, lol. Write true to yourself, girlie. ;)

Brooke said...

Excellent advice, Morgan! One of the things I admire about your blog the most is how you refuse to be intimidated. You're my bloggy hero!

tina k said...

u can write about me anytime. Just don't tell my dark secrets.

Brooke said...

Thanks, Tina! We've had some awesome adventures, amIrite?