Monday, May 21, 2012

Progress is still progress, right?

**This was supposed to be posted on May 4. Oops.**

This has been a rough week for Sara and I. Not the normal rough of her screaming at me because I don't fetch her favorite pink pants quickly enough (no, I'm not kidding and no, it didn't hurry me up in the least) or having  a fit because Tucker might possibly have sat somewhere she considers 'her spot' in the 30 minutes that he gets home from school before her.

Run on sentences much? Why yes, thank you. I rather like them. 

No, this has been rough because LAST Monday she developed some sort of intestinal thing that lingered with her until around Saturday and then Sunday night she either relapsed or managed to catch another strain of it. This round was way worse, though. As proof let me offer up as evidence that she didn't whine, cry, or throw a fit of any sort from Sunday night until yesterday. And she was sleeping around 18 hours a day. 

That child was sick, sick, sick. 

Tuesday morning she seemed better and wanted to go to school. She made it to school and was there all of 30 minutes before the school called and said she was complaining that her stomach hurt. In the 15 minutes it took me to get there, she had gotten sick again. 

Poor thing. 

Tuesday evening, she was cuddled up with me on the couch. I thought she was getting ready to go back to sleep and I got up to help Tucker with his homework, but instead she tells me that she can't breathe. 

Well, that's not good. 

I load up the kids (and Tucker's homework) and off we go to the ER. They tell me she's dehydrated and has a nasty urinary tract infection. We are out of there in around three hours with a prescription for a strong antibiotic and a stern discussion from the doctor on wiping techniques. Awesome.

By the second full day of antibiotics, Sara is feeling better. I know this because she threw a fit over not being able to drink soda. Which is kind of funny, because since January, I rarely have soda in the house. But she wanted one, a Dr. Pepper to be exact. The ER doctor recommended that because of her tummy issues we should avoid caffeine and soda. Also amusing? Sara doesn't really like soda. She'll take a sip or two, and that's it.

Sara throwing a fit because she can't have something she doesn't really like = a much better Sara.

Progress is progress, right? And it's probably the only time I'll be happy that she has resumed fit throwing mode. 

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