Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just life. Happening Normally.

Happy Belated Memorial Day.

The kids and I spent the weekend doing mostly fun things. Friday was the kind of busy that makes you want to pull your hair out and clone yourself (prior to all the hair pulling). I had to be at school for the Student of the Month Breakfast, since I volunteered to take that over next year. I want to be comfortable with the routine before it becomes all mine.

As we were cleaning up, I got a text from Megan asking if I wanted to meet her for some socialization/breakfast. I had passed on the doughnuts at school, so I was actually kind of hungry - especially since we had to be at school by 7:15 and I hadn't had time to make myself some Shakeology. That also worked out well because I needed to pick up the popcorn from the movie theater for the Spirit Day winners. The movie theater is really close to where Megan lives and I had just enough time to meet her before I needed to pick up the popcorn.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Sara and I met Megan and Zoey for breakfast, then went to get the popcorn. Even though I put it in the trunk, the entire car smelled like freshly popped popcorn within minutes. I wasn't the least bit hungry, but man, did that smell goooooooood.

Sara and I were headed home to bag up the popcorn into individual bags so that we could head to school and hand them out to the winning classes.

That's when I got a text from Annie saying that gas on base was still 3.65 (it was around 3.72 off base at the time) and the shoppette was giving away free beer.

Free beer? Turns out you had to buy an alcoholic beverage from the shoppette but then you get two free cases of beer. Still and excellent deal, and since I had Memorial Day plans it sure beat paying full price for beer.

I so top off with gas, go into the shoppette to get the beer and run into the PTO ladies who were also there for free beer. Great minds...

I headed home with Sara and fed her lunch and got her ready for preschool. By the time she left and I straightened up, I decided to go back to school and bag the popcorn there. The only problem was that a teacher was using the parent room for some testing, so all I could do was drop off the popcorn and bags. There was a meeting at 1:15, so I went to that and when we got out, the teacher was in the parent room with another student and we had to reclaim the parent room and bag the popcorn in a hurry.

Once we handed it out, I went home to wait for the kids, then we headed out to an early dinner with some friends. Tucker had a birthday party that night at 7 and I was taking him and one of his friends to the party.  Luckily for me, the party was at the base bowling alley so it was really close. I took Tucker and Josh, helped them put on their bowling shoes, and then spent 20 minutes trying to explain to Sara that while she is awesome, this party was for kids in Tucker's class, not so much for little sisters. Tucker is generally really good at letting Sara tag along so in cases where the invitation is for Tucker and not Tucker and Sara, I want him to go and be able to have fun.

Sara did not see it that way, and when I noticed that other parents were dropping off their kids and then leaving, I checked with Kim that it would be okay if Sara and I stepped out for a bit, and then I made her leave.

It wasn't pretty. And even though I felt badly for her, she needs to understand that she's not automatically included in every thing Tucker does.

Parenting is hard.

After the birthday party, we took Josh home and got the kids to bed. I fell into bed right after I tucked them in. And that was just Friday.

The rest of the weekend was more of the same frantic pace, which was good for me because it keeps me busy and out of the pantry. We got to hang out with Annie and Chris and their kids and went to the pool with April and her boys too. A cookout on Memorial Day with some yummy and a lot of healthy food choices and BOOM! Now it's Tuesday and back to the routine. This week and next week and the kids are out of school and we are off to see NC family and then go hang with Robert in Florida. I cannot wait. The kids cannot wait. Robert cannot wait.

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