Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting my bloggy groove back

You know, it happens. I lose the desire and possibly the ability to come up with a single good blog post. Sometimes it just a few days, sometimes it's a few months. Lots of my bloggy buddies have stopped blogging as often or at all and that makes me sad. I get a lot out of reading their posts. Plus, it's like a friend is MIA. You feel like you get to know people through their stories and words. When the person/post/story/word is no longer there, they are missed. ::sniff::

Every day for the last week, I have found myself sitting in front of a blank, slightly mocking and judgmental blogger screen trying to find something to say.


Until yesterday, when I packed more into a day than I could reasonably accomplish without getting stressed. Yesterday morning, Sara's afternoon preschool (which the Diva refers to as her preK class versus her preschool class (that's in the morning)) had a field day. Since the last day of her preschool class was Wednesday morning, we were able to go.

So glad we did! The preschool teachers did an awesome job of setting up the prek/kindergarten playground. There was a bubble station, an obstacle course, tricycle races, hula hoops, scooter races, tail tag (minds out of the gutter, please. The kids had belts with stuffed animal tails attached and had to chase each other and pull off tails - it was adorable and I totally want a set of those for Tucker's next birthday party!), bean bag toss, a hop-a-long station, water table, and a snack station.

After an hour (which for some reason felt like three), we got invited to a park on base with a friend of Sara's and her parents. Sara and Rachel played there until after 11, when I had to pry Sara and Rachel apart and get some errands done. We came home, had lunch, and watched about 20 minutes of TV together when my friend Annie and her kids came over to help me plant the stuff she helped me pick out for the flower bed beside the house this week. She knew I probably wouldn't plant them if left on my own...hahahaha. She'd also be right.


So Annie and I are out causing flower bed destruction and mayhem and Tucker gets off the bus. This means it's time for the Friday playdate. Tucker's friend Josh and his brother Jordan come over to play and now there are six energetic kids at my house.


Annie and I finish up the flowerbed, she heads home with her two because she's watching two more kids of a friend of ours for a few hours, and I clean up and usher the kids inside to play. Josh and Jordan leave at 5ish, I scrub Sara down and change her clothes, wipe Tucker down and change my clothes. We head to Sara's preschool graduation, which lasts until after 8:00 and since the kids have been going all day long and haven't had dinner...just huge chunks of cake...we accept an invitation from another of Sara's preschool friends to grab a quick dinner.

By the time we get home, it's after 9:30 and the kids are actually asking to go to bed.

No, I'm not kidding.

And I think about how much I want to write about our day. But I'm tired and opt to go to bed since tomorrow (now today) is just going to be more of the same. But luckily, Tucker woke me up early, so now I have time to blog. You're welcome. I missed you too.

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