Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now That's Service!

I've been meaning to do a handful of things for weeks now. Included in that list was making a service call to housing maintenance for a couple minor and one (to me) fairly major things.

Minor thing:  I needed a light bulb replaced outside. It's a recessed light (not a fan) and my neighbor told me when I mentioned it that housing does our outside lights. Woohoo!

Minor thing: One of the florescent lights in the kitchen goes off and on. I went to self help and got new bulbs and it helped for about a week. But now you turn on the light (and I timed it this morning) and it stays lit for about 20 minutes, then it goes out for about three or four minutes then back on. Most of the time, the light will then remain on. Most of the time. But since we are dealing with electricity and there should be no flicker, I just wanted it checked out.

Not so minor: Ants and spiders. They are beginning an invasion. Like Zombies. It's a daily ritual. Before I got to bed, I do a spot check for ants and spiders and spider webs, remove (aka assassinate) the ones I can spot, and then off to dream land for me. In the morning - dun dun dun - they are back. This is mostly in regard to spiders, but when I found ants on the counter last week? Well, all bets are off. I cannot figure where they are coming from. I do not like it. Not one bit.

Curious to see how the process worked, I submitted all three requests online to housing management yesterday. It was before 9 am. I figured they would respond in a day or two.

Um, no. The exterminator showed up around 3:15. The maintenance guy called me at 6:30 (we weren't home  yet) to get permission to go into my house.

He didn't see the light flicker, but everything else got handled.

Everything else got handled.

Same day.

I'm stunned! And I'm really, really glad I thoroughly cleaned my house this weekend!

And I was thinking about it as I was going to sleep last night. Every time I've called in a request to this housing management office, it's been handled same day. I never fail to be amazed at that. But I wonder - has customer service gotten so slack in general that now when I receive great service, I'm stunned and amazed?

Something to think about.

But today, I'm writing a thank you notes for quick responses and polite maintenance workers.

And this morning? No new spider webs and no ants.

::happy dance::

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