Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's do likes and dislikes!

These are my top five likes and dislikes at the moment


1. My four year old's attitude. Unbeknownst to her, when she comes back from day camp tomorrow, her bedroom will contain her bed, her dresser and a light bulb. That's it. Even the ceiling fan blades are coming off. Everything else she can earn back.

2. The amount of dust in this house. Where does it come from?!? It's without end!

3. Cutting into a watermelon to discover that it's pretty much mush. Yuck!

4. Humidity. Really, just one good hair day a week would be really, really nice. Just one.

5. Mold. Because, well...just ewwwwww. Water may be the universal solvent, but mold is its dark, evil challenger. (And I think it's winning since I've never seen water solve a mold problem.)

Now for happier thoughts! Likes:

1. Sunshine! It just makes me happy :)

2. Easy, healthy dinners that the kids eat without complaining. Hubolicious, God bless him, will eat anything. 

3. Date nights. 

4. Crushed ice. I'd rather have that than ice cream, no lie. 

5. An entire day of summer day camp inspired freedom. That shizz is blissful!

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