Tuesday, July 3, 2012


One week and six days ago, the kids and I arrived in Florida. Robert is set up in a pretty sweet apartment here, and much to my surprise, the kids have shared a room here with no bloodshed and no property destruction. And no, we aren't drugging them. Or bribing them.

Color me stunned.

So what have we been up to?

Our first day here we took them to the beach. Sad to say, I expected them to hate it. But because I am often wrong in my parenting assumptions, I brought their suits just in case. And guess what? I was wrong. They LOVED the beach. We had to drag them away that first day. But being that we were in Florida, I figured we'd be at the beach at least every other day, so no big deal.

Yeah. Hello tropical storm Debby. And massive rain and flooding.

So we took the kids to see Brave. I swear those two only want to see movies for the chance of popcorn. 

Last Monday we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry. I thought we'd spend a couple of hours there, but we were there almost all day. It was beyond awesome, and by far my favorite thing we've done here. I could have spent two days there with ease.

Last Tuesday, the kids and I took a quick trip to Florida's eastern coast to visit with Chris and meet his parents and siblings. Hello again, tropical storm Debby. Thanks for raining on our entire vacation thus far.

Last weekend we headed to Legoland. It was really, really hot. Thank goodness we got the combo tickets so that when the heat became too much to tolerate we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the water park.

Today the water was going to be shut off in the complex from 9 until 1, so the kids and I headed to the aquarium. I was expecting us to spend three or four hours there, but we were completely done in an hour and a half. So we walked down the street to the movie theater and caught the new Spiderman movie. Tucker and I were enthralled and Sara was there for popcorn.

It's good to know some things never change.

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