Monday, July 16, 2012

A puzzling situation

**This should have been posted June 26. Oooooops.**

We made it to Florida safe and sound.

Of course, now there's a tropical storm circling around the Gulf of Mexico. Debby does Florida. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Ahem. Sorry.

The condo that Robert's been in has a screened in porch, which has flooded with the incessant rain, and as we found out today is causing a leak in our neighbors' living room. Ever tried taping up a huge plastic sheet in gusting winds and rain?

Not terribly effective.
So every few hours, Robert or I go out onto the porch and sweep as much of the water off as we can. Pointless? Probably. But I'd want someone to give me the same consideration if the situation was reversed.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Debby stays low key and goes away soon. In anticipation of being shut-ins for the next few days, we bought a board game and a 1,000 piece puzzle. The game has been a blast, but I think we got a little ambitious with the puzzle. It's been two days and the border isn't completely assembled yet.

Of course, the kids lost interest about 30 minutes in, while I have to restrain myself from spending hours sitting there and visually scrutinizing the 30 pieces that look like they should go together, but don't - no matter which way I try them.

I've decided it's a metaphor for my life. I'll spend the most time and have the most patience with the most difficult and complicated things, but have no patience for the things I can accomplish in no time with little to no aggravation.

Please, please tell me this doesn't make me high maintenance. Or a lunatic.

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