Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday.
I'm trying something new! On wicked Wednesday, I'm allowing myself to put out there things I wanted to say in the last week but didn't because (in all honesty) they were too mean or judgemental. If I can still remember them days later, I figure they need an outlet. 

I am not too sure if that's good or bad. I try really hard to be positive and nice. I don't always succeed, but I try.

Today I have three*:                                          

1. Regarding right of ways: Drive right, or get outta my way. GAH! Drive, fool, drive!

2. There's such a thing as oversharing. Yes, that includes pictures. For the love of god, please stop. Like, RIGHT now.

3. I appreciate that you are retired.  But last I heard, the entire universe wasn't presented to a single person as a retirement gift, so please understand that some of the rest of us peons have stuff we have to get done today.

* Disclaimer: none of these about about anyone I know - just people I've run into in the last week that made me roll my eyes.

WHEW! I feel better!

Add your wicked Wednesday-isms in the comments!

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