Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Biltmore House

Oh my gosh...this is a flash forward to Tucker being a teenager. 

The rose garden

Still the rose garden

Yep, one more

Tucker is 'smelling the roses' and Sara is not quite annoyed about it yet.

My beautiful, photogenic daughter

Under the atrium. She loves that umbrella!

More gardens

She won't stop to smell the flowers, but she'll surely pose by them

1/2 of Biltmore. 

More flowers

Yep, another one


What!?!?!? Awww man! ::sadface::

A view from the back veranda

Even the downspouts are fancy

This is the veranda ceiling. Yes, really. 

They were getting tired and I'm not lion. HAHAAAAA!

More of the exterior

The front lawn

More of the house

The side porch off the library. What a view!

Steely Dan is performing tonight!

The back of the house

The side of the house. Love these trees!

The side of the house with both kids. Note the opposite sides of the picture. There's a reason for that. 


What a beautiful rose

A quick, unexpected shot

No. More. Pictures. 

Cordelia and Cornelius

One last flower shot


Lori Genevie said...

Thanks for sharing your day, Brooke! Love you!

Brooke said...

Thanks for reading, Lori! Love you too!